Engine proper tempeture...

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Engine proper tempeture...

Beitrag von imagepeace » Sonntag 6. Juni 2010, 07:17

I'm from Hungary Budapest I have an year 2000 Opel Frontera 2.2d limited 5 doors automatic transm...
I like to ask you guys about the proper tempeture of this type of engine. I have this car around half year. In the winter i just think a bit high the tempeture but now the car is working around 100C. I have been told this is normal but I cant belive. I just read here one oldel topic about it, but i dont find the same problem /CO issue/ and my car is a different engine..
Thank you anyway your help and time.


AW: Engine proper tempeture...

Beitrag von Frontmann » Sonntag 6. Juni 2010, 07:42

hello Attila,

check the engine temperature by a scantool (Opel Workshop use the Tech1/2 Tools). So you can see and compare the gauge in the panel.

If the scantool show the same temperature, check the water temperature regulator or replace. Otherwise, the radiator of dirt inside and outside and the cooling fan system.

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AW: Engine proper tempeture...

Beitrag von Blitzo » Montag 7. Juni 2010, 23:14

Hi Attila!

Welcome :freak:

I learned, that there are two temperature sensors, one for the engine regulation and one for the instrument, that informs the driver.
Both can be malfuntioning. I had to change both of them.
So frontmans advice seem good - as usual :wink: - to make a check with an independent system.