"E-code" head lights for 94 Trooper

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Marc Sayer
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"E-code" head lights for 94 Trooper

Beitrag von Marc Sayer » Dienstag 16. Oktober 2007, 07:23

Greetings, my name is Marc Sayer and I live in Oregon, USA. I own a 1994 Isuzu Trooper which I love. Actually I own an 84 Trooper, a 91 Trooper and a 94 Trooper, plus an 81 Chevy LUV 4x4 mini truck which was really an Isuzu and is basically the same mechanically as the 84 Trooper (has a 1.8l instead of a 1.9l engine is the primary difference). So you can see I really like these Isuzus. However the US spec headlights on the 91 and the 94 are awful. They have different headlights, but both use the US spec 9004 bulbs and both have terrible low beam illumination. The 94 is my everyday transport and I live in the mountains where we have no streetlights and must rely on good headlights. Sadly there is just no way to improve on the US DOT headlights. My wife drives a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee which also had US DOT spec headlights the also used the 9004 bulbs. These were as bad or worse than the Trooper's, but we were able to find a source here in the US for the European "E-Code" (or ECE) headlights that use the H4 bulbs. The Jeep's headlights are so infamously bad that several vendors here in the US now sell the E-code replacements along with a wiring adapter kit. The improvement in the Jeep's headlights was simply astounding. So I set out to find a source in the US for E-code headlights for the Trooper. Since it was sold worldwide, I knew Isuzu had supplied the Trooper with E-code headlights. Given how bad the US spec headlights were, I figured I would have no trouble finding a source here in the US for the improved E-code headlights. Unfortunately I was wrong. No one had any idea what I was talking about. This surprised me as converting US cars to E-code headlights is becoming very common. I found how-to websites for converting Volvos, VWs, Corvettes, Jeeps and others, but nothing for Troopers.

Anyway, that's a long winded explanation of how I ended up here. I am hoping someone here can give me a contact for a source for E-code headlights in Europe. I will gladly import them for my 94, plus perhaps for my 91 as well. And there may also be others here in North America that would be interested if I can put together a package with the required conversion wiring kit.

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AW: "E-code" head lights for 94 Trooper

Beitrag von -dirk- » Dienstag 16. Oktober 2007, 08:17

Hey Marc,
I'd like to welcome you to our webpages :freak:
It's nice to have someone from the states checking in our pages.

For your headlights you might wanna check
Allrad Limbach! (<- click the name!)

When you enter the pages the second registercard on top
(named "Ersatzteilsuche/Bestellungen) is for spare part-requests.
After entering that page the clickable word "Anfrageformular" will
bring you to a form for asking if your desired part is available.
That's no order till then!!!

But I would suggest that you try the 6th registercard on top
(named "Öffnungszeiten/Kontakt") and give 'em a call!

And I also don't know if they do ship overseas!
But at least it's worth a try ;)

That's all I can do for you!
Good luck man!!!

best wishes!